Toigo: Streamline your backup and recovery process

Disaster recovery isn't just about backing up data safely. It's also about knowing what data you need to treat as critical and how long it will take to restore it. In this Storage Decisions presentation, Jon Toigo, founder and CEO of Toigo Partners International, advises DR specialists on what they need to know about data they're trying to protect.

"We did assessments of over 3,000 companies, and we determined on every hard drive that you own today -- every single hard drive, whether it's in a PC or a server or a free-standing box -- 30% of space is occupied on that hard drive by data that you need," said Toigo. "Another 40% is data of archival quality -- it needs to be migrated off your priority spindles so it isn't included in your disaster recovery [for] your mission-critical things. It will dramatically reduce the burden of data replication and backup." 

He recommends conducting assessments of your organization's data to determine what is important and what isn't. This helps streamline the backup and recovery process, so unnecessary data isn't slowing down data protection efforts. You need to know how long it will actually take to restore data, not just that it can be restored eventually.

"Time-to-data is the measure from the point when the disaster or interruption event occurs to the point when it is resolved, regardless of the number of steps that must occur in between …. A lot of people talk about recovery time objective and recovery point objective. That's all well and fine, those are granular measurements of very specific things. Time-to-data is the general metric. It determines whether your strategy is going to work," said Toigo. 

And while high-capacity USB keys make data backup easier for end users, Toigo recommends keeping tabs on what data users are storing on their own.

"You got a lot of well-intentioned people, but their activities need to be coordinated. In many cases, they're violating the law by moving sensitive data offsite," Toigo said.

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