Toigo: Managing data storage infrastructure can maximize resources

Some organizations experience a disconnect between their business interests and management of their data storage infrastructure, which can cause headaches as IT administrators try to implement efforts that support the enterprise.

In this Storage Decisions video, disaster recovery expert Jon Toigo, founder of Toigo Partners International LLC, discusses how improving data storage management could help put storage resources to work as business services.

"[Management has] their business operations over here, they've got infrastructure over here, and they don't understand what glues them together," said Toigo. "They ask for things, and we try to interpret them as technologists in the metrics that we use…. They don't speak that language, so there's a huge disconnect between the front office and the back office today."

Improved data storage management tools would allow organizations to add and remove resources at will to quickly meet changing business needs.

"We want to get to this model where we're delivering infrastructure and resources as services, service-oriented management.… So what we need to do is get a place where we're able to abstract all of the specialty functionality and the hardcore geek-metric stuff … into a service layer so we [can] let management have a menu they can choose from," Toigo said.

He said different data protection processes are frequently separate and IT administrators "cobble it all together" and manage those functions in an inefficient manner.

"If you're going to have a whole bunch of disaster recovery things going on, first you need to be able to manage a multiplicity of data protection services in order to deliver defense in depth. Right now, it's like herding cats," Toigo said.

A management layer in the data storage infrastructure would make it possible to integrate different storage processes and coordinate them to specific workloads easily, he said. "That's one thing we need to get to from a management standpoint," he said.

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