Toigo: Effective DR solutions start with knowing priorities

Disaster recovery doesn't have to be an impenetrable process overseen by IT gurus. According to Jon Toigo, CEO of Toigo Partners International, you can put together an effective DR plan if you understand your organization's priorities, you understand its infrastructure requirements, and you can practice common sense.

"This is all a giant research project, like something you haven't done since fifth grade. So some things that you're going to do are school-taught, [and] some of them are learned through experience and investigation," Toigo told his Storage Decisions audience in this video. 

Toigo proceeds to outline the principles behind conducting your own disaster recovery operation, and offers sound advice about how to get management buy-in for DR solutions by learning about the critical functions of the organization and concentrating your efforts on them.

Toigo also advised that staff working on disaster recovery solutions should perform some fact-checking with business unit experts to ensure a full understanding of their applications and infrastructure resources that need to be restored.

"That's extraordinarily helpful to you. They may be wrong – but the fact is, they have just taken what are potentially tens of thousands of business processes and narrowed the field down to just a handful that they want you to focus on first," he said.

He also recommended that DR staff be aware of logistical issues like maintaining security and fire protection needed for your operation when devising possible solutions.

"The truth of the matter is you don't need a decoder ring. There's no secret to how you do disaster recovery planning; it's just straightforward application and common sense," said Toigo. "You got something that's important, you see what the risks are to it and you take measures to make sure – since you can't prevent a lot of the risk from occurring – [you] can make it redundant. So if it gets hammered here, there's another copy of it here."

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