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Toigo: Automated provisioning, not virtualization, can reduce costs

Moving toward virtualization was supposed to be about efficiency -- finding ways to consolidate infrastructure, reducing energy costs, etc. But as analyst Jon Toigo told his TechTarget audience, these benefits have not been realized across the board.

"Generally speaking, cost-efficiency claims around virtualization remain anecdotal," said Toigo, noting a CA report that interviewed companies about the expenses involved with virtual systems, later adding, "Sixty-eight percent say the complexities of virtualization have introduced new costs. It's worse now than it was before."

Toigo, who oversees Toigo Partners International, said about 44% of respondents who automated their provisioning processes said they have reduced costs through virtualization.

"So apparently the secret isn't hypervisors, but is automating the provisioning process, which has always been the problem in IT -- with or without virtualization," Toigo said. "Nobody slowed down their capital expense on virtualization. It increases over a period of time. You're still spending that money. Nothing has changed. You're still paying the price."

He also pointed out the issue of virtual server sprawl. "We start to throw out a whole lot of virtual machines," Toigo said, "one after another, and nobody is tracking them. … We don't even know what their performance is in a lot of shops."

He pointed to a study of one IT department that didn't adequately track the VMs in its organization's environment. In that case, a hacker created a series of virtual machines to help in performing denial-of-service attacks.

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