Jon Toigo on storage virtualization for disaster recovery

In this video, Jon Toigo of Toigo Partners International walked his Storage Decisions audience through some of the virtues of storage virtualization, including how it can make your infrastructure more efficient, improve your data protection efforts and save your organization money.

Toigo said that virtualization allows you to centralize key areas of the “meta-management tasks of storage” -- capacity management, performance management and data protection management.

“Those are the central three foundations of management. It’s not the low-level storage resource management stuff, where you check your plumbing and monitor the health of your disk drives. These are the meta tasks, the tasks that go to the protection of the data and the recovery of that data to applications that require it,” said Toigo.

He said establishing an abstraction layer above the physical hardware separates administrators from the constraints individual vendors put on their hardware.

“The vendors all want to interface to the server vendor. So they all surface through mount points in either Windows or Linux or whatever -- you choose your operating system for that server. And I bring the mount points up, and I virtualize across those mount points… what I really want to do is use that abstraction layer as a place to surface a bunch of services,” said Toigo.

Toigo said virtualization speeds up gear underneath the virtualization layer, plus allows admins to continue making use of older equipment usable, to serve as a temporary archival repository, for example.

For disaster recovery, the virtualization layer is a good place to implement continuous data protection, said Toigo, and save money on equipment to defend data by using different vendors, regardless of “whose name is on the bezel” of the equipment, said Toigo.


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