Disaster recovery and business continuity tutorials

We've compiled our tutorials on disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity planning. Learn about outsourcing disaster recovery (DR), developing a DR plan for virtual servers, and more. Visit our tutorial page and check back often.

We've compiled our disaster recovery and business continuity tutorials on this page. Learn about outsourcing disaster...

recovery, developing a DR plan for virtual servers, and more. Bookmark our disaster recovery tutorial page and check back often to see what's new.

>> NEW! High-availability systems and disaster recovery planning tutorial
In this tutorial on high-availability disaster recovery planning, we’ll examine another popular technology disaster recovery technique—high availability—and the role it plays in a DR plan. In today’s world of very short-duration recovery time objectives (RTOs) and mission-critical systems, technology must be sustainable in the face of potentially disastrous events. High-availability systems can help achieve very low or near-zero RTOs.

>> HA solutions tutorial
In this tutorial, learn about how to choose the right HA solution for your virtual environment. Learn about the best solutions for VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix environments, and the pros and cons of each.

>>  Remote replication and disaster recovery tutorial
In this tutorial on replication and disaster recovery, learn about the different types of replication options, how WAN optimization can work with remote replication, and trends in replication and disaster recovery today.

>> Using a virtual private network service as part of a disaster recovery plan
A virtual private network (VPN) allows users to log into a company's network from a remote location using a home PC, laptop, or, in some cases a smart phone, and use company resources as if they were in the office. While VPNs were designed with the remote workforce in mind, a virtual private network can allow users to continue working uninterrupted from a remote location after a disaster. Virtual private networking services can work well for many companies, but there are a number of things to consider before relying on a virtual private network in the aftermath of a disaster.

>> Virtualization and disaster recovery planning: A guide on storage and server virtualization
In this guide on disaster recovery and virtualization, we'll look at some of the methods involving both server virtualization and storage virtualization. Our focus is on products and processes related to VMware Inc.'s vSphere, but many are very similar for other hypervisors like Citrix Systems Inc.'s XenServer and Microsoft Corp.'s Hyper-V.

>> Data center disaster recovery planning tutorial on colocation data centers
In this tutorial on colocation data centers, learn whether or not a collocation data center is the right choice for your company, what to look for in a colocation service, and other data center disaster recovery planning tips.

>> VMware Site Recovery Manager best practices
In this tutorial on Site Recovery Manager disaster recovery best practices, learn what you need in place to use VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager, how to test and execute your recovery plans, and if Site Recovery Manager would be a good fit for your company's disaster recovery strategy.

>> Cloud disaster recovery tutorial
Many vendors are positioning cloud backup as an ideal disaster recovery solution, allowing users to replicate data offsite and outside of their company's geographic region at a reasonable cost. And, there are even a number of so-called cloud disaster recovery services on the market today. But, what does "cloud disaster recovery" really mean? In this tutorial on cloud disaster recovery, learn about cloud disaster recovery vs. cloud backup; hybrid disaster recovery approaches; and security concerns with cloud backup and disaster recovery.

>> Local area network disaster recovery planning tutorial
In this LAN DR planning tutorial, you will learn how to recognize the events that should trigger your LAN DR plan, how to prevent and mitigate those networking disasters, and the key elements of a solid LAN DR plan.

>> Data replication technologies and disaster recovery planning tutorial
In this tutorial on data replication and disaster recovery, learn how to choose the best replication product, the differences between host-, array-, and network-based data replication, and about how new technologies like data deduplication and virtual servers are changing replication and disaster recovery.

>> Virtual tape libraries: A tutorial on managing VTL technology
If you are saturating your Fibre Channel network links to complete disk-to-tape data backup jobs in smaller and smaller timeframes, it may be time to consider installing a virtual tape library (VTL) to implement a disk-to-disk data backup and recovery environment. A VTL can complement your legacy tape archive system by introducing disk-to-disk backup time and speed advantages.In this tutorial on virtual tape library technology, learn about buying and managing a VTL, VTLs and data deduplication, and virtual tape library vendors and products.

>> Disaster recovery planning and operations tutorial
In our tutorial on disaster recovery operations, learn about how to choose a disaster recovery facility, failover and failback in disaster recovery operations, virtual servers and DR, and outsourcing disaster recovery services.

>> Disaster recovery facilities/operations tutorial: Factoring DR into data center relocation plans
Relocating a data center for business continuity or disaster recovery purposes is never an easy task. If you are planning to relocate your data center, many situations could thwart a smooth on-time move. You'll have critical data assets scattered throughout the environment. In addition, business mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs and major market changes happen all the time, and these could also affect a move. In this tutorial, learn data center relocation tips and strategies, and how to avoid common data center relocation problems.

>> Business continuity and disaster recovery outsourcing tutorial
Outsourcing DR and business continuity (BC) services can save you money and increase productivity by transferring some IT functions to experienced third parties, but it also has its downsides. Learn who should outsource DR services, vendors in the DR/BC space, and how to choose a provider.

>> Developing a disaster recovery plan for virtual machines
Learn about the various approaches to facilitating disaster recovery in a virtual machine environment, such as VMware Site Recovery Manager and backup software packages.

>> A tutorial on preventing disasters from within your company
Disaster recovery planning for facilities and operations is an important part of business continuity planning. This tutorial will teach you how to prevent internal disasters.

>> A tutorial on self-healing data storage systems
In this tutorial, learn about self-healing storage systems, vendors in the space, heal-in-place systems versus fail-in-place systems, and whether or not self-healing data storage is right for your enterprise.

>> A tutorial on disaster recovery and business continuity planning strategies for SMBs
SMBs once viewed disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) planning as an expensive luxury, but all of that is changing. In recent years, even smaller organizations can no longer to afford to be without a disaster recovery plan. But SMBs often have less technical expertise and tighter budgets than larger enterprise shops, and this makes their disaster recovery needs unique. To help you address these problems, we've collected our best tips on disaster recovery and business continuity for SMBs. Learn about how to put a disaster recovery plan together, conduct a risk assessment, the pros and cons of outsourcing DR, and more in this tutorial.

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