Cloud disaster recovery in today's data storage environments

To help you decide whether or not cloud disaster recovery is right for your organization, we've compiled our best tips and articles on cloud DR.

The term cloud disaster recovery (DR) keeps popping up in the storage industry, advertised by vendors as a cheaper solution than on-site disaster recovery while offering secure data protection. But are companies buying into these claims and actually using cloud disaster recovery services?

According to a Storage magazine Priorities Survey published earlier this year, the short answer is no. Only 3% to 4% of respondents noted "that they're using a cloud storage service for data archiving, disaster recovery or backup" as of February 2010. Paul Kirvan, CISA, CISSP, FBCI, CBCP, business continuity consultant/auditor, backs up that data, stating that cloud DR hasn't quite caught on in the industry yet. "There may be some interest," said Kirvan, "But cloud DR is usually competing with existing recovery solutions, like off-site data storage and hot/cold sites."

Although cloud disaster recovery hasn't been implemented in many environments, there are benefits from these services. "There's the low upfront cost to start the service and monthly service charge for ongoing access; and virtually unlimited data capacity," said Kirvan. "It helps businesses by providing a cost-effective alternate data and/or system recovery capability, particularly with no upfront investment." Plus, said Kirvan, there is a market for these services, but if vendors don't gather good case studies of good and bad experiences, then he doubts that "cloud DR will grow to be much more than a passing flirtation."

To help you decide whether or not cloud disaster recovery is right for your organization, we've compiled our best tips and articles on cloud DR. Learn about cloud disaster recovery security issues, how you can protect branch offices by using cloud DR, the hidden benefits of cloud computing, vendors who recently implement cloud DR into their products and more.

Cloud backup neglects recovery and security necessary for true cloud disaster recovery

Cloud DR services are often advertised by vendors as an ideal solution to your disaster recovery problems. However, is cloud disaster recovery all it's hyped up to be? How is it different from cloud backup? Should you use a hybrid approach? And are these cloud DR services really secure? Read all of the details about cloud disaster recovery security and cloud backup you may have missed in this tutorial.

Protecting branch offices with cloud disaster recovery

Cloud disaster recovery is becoming popular among small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) because they often don't have the staff or resources to meet their DR requirements. Cloud DR is also catching the eye of larger firms who need help with their remote office/branch offices (ROBOs). This article explains why DR is difficult for ROBOs, but more importantly, how virtualization can prepare your branch office for cloud disaster recovery. Read the full article on protecting branch offices with cloud disaster recovery.

Leveraging cloud computing for disaster recovery purposes

Many organizations have started to realize that cloud computing as an architectural choice is a good way to support your disaster recovery strategy. But incorporating cloud computing into your disaster recovery purposes takes some careful consideration beforehand. Read this article for six helpful tips on leveraging cloud computing for disaster recovery.

Disaster recovery outsourcing services tutorial for small businesses

The allure of disaster recovery outsourcing services for SMBs is strong because they are often looking for solutions that will save them time and money while also offering a secure location to store their data. However, SMBs need to be careful when balancing between outsourced services and in-house DR. They might pour too much money into outsourcing services, or find that they don't have enough control over their environment. In this tutorial, learn about the pros and cons of DR outsourcing for SMBs, what they need to consider before outsourcing and what disaster recovery outsourcing services for SMBs typically offer.

Zmanda adds cloud disaster recovery to Zmanda Cloud Backup

Zmanda Inc. added cloud disaster recovery to its third generation of Zmanda Cloud Backup (ZCB). With the new feature of cloud disaster recovery, SMBs can now use ZCB 3 to run production servers with cloud-based online backup data for disaster recovery in case data at the primary location is inaccessible. Read the full article on the cloud DR feature in Zmanda Cloud Backup.

A hidden benefit of cloud computing disaster recovery

Not all companies embrace cloud computing for disaster recovery, but one organization has added an extra benefit to their cloud DR service. Cloud Champion Solutions Group introduced a pay-as-you-use "cloud continuity" DR service. Read more about this cloud computing disaster recovery service on CIO's ITKnowledge Exchange blog.

Disaster recovery plans gain traction in the cloud

A survey by Forrester Research of its SMB customers showed that 12% to 15% of SMBs are using online backup services. For many SMBs, these online backup services are a type of disaster recovery plan, which is a step up from not having a DR plan at all. Read about the benefits and costs of disaster recovery plans in the cloud in this CIO ITKnowledge Exchange blog post.

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