• Disaster recovery site options

    When planning, setting up and operating a disaster recovery (DR) plan, having alternate sites for IT operations is critical. In this tip, Ed Tittel discusses the specific features, functions and costs of hot, warm, cold and mobile sites.  Continue Reading

  • E-vaulting can be the better solution

    While backup of electronic data is a critical part of the disaster recovery (DR) equation, more attention is often placed on the backup piece than the recovery piece. In this tip, Kathleen Lucey of Montague Risk Management discusses how e-vaulting ...  Continue Reading

  • Ten things you must have in your disaster recovery plan

    While disaster recovery (DR) plans are made to be followed, the recovery team must be given the flexibility to deviate from the plan's tasks while still following recovery objectives. In this piece, Ken Koch discusses ten tips for ensuring the ...  Continue Reading

  • Ten questions to ask your hot site provider

    A hot site is an active IT operation that copies, mirrors or replicates a primary IT operation at another site. This tip provides a list of questions that must be addressed to ensure you can meet your requirements for resuming normal IT activity and...  Continue Reading