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Top five disaster recovery templates

The editors of have compiled this list of our five favorite templates published this year.

Business continuity and disaster recovery preparedness entails many things, including drafting detailed plans,...

testing those plans, and then hoping that you never have to use them. And, as anyone who has ever experienced the business interruptions that accompany a disaster will tell you, no matter how much you prepare, you cannot account for every possible scenario. That’s where templates come in. The editors of have compiled this list of our five favorite templates we published this year. You’ll find templates for network disaster recovery planning, conducting a business impact analysis, establishing service-level agreements, emergency management planning, and voice communications technology disaster recovery planning.

Tip #1

Network disaster recovery plan template

This template can help ensure that your organization's voice and data communications, local area network and wide area networks are free from interruptions due to carrier problems or equipment malfunctions. You'll also learn how to be sure your network infrastructure is safe (i.e., protected from unauthorized access, viruses or attacks by hackers). Your organization needs a disaster recovery plan and this article and the accompanying template will help you address the issues you must resolve when planning for and implementing a network disaster recovery plan.

Tip #2

Business impact analysis questionnaire template

The business impact analysis traditionally marks the beginning of the process of identifying risks for business continuity. It can aid in the risk assessment process. Typically, the BIA looks at crucial issues such as business operations, financial performance, reputation, employees, and supply chains that could be affected by particular risks and threats. The questionnaire plays an important role in the BIA process, and this template outlines important questions you should ask.

Tip #3

Free service-level agreement template for disaster recovery programs

The service-level agreement specifies which service(s) will be provided, the level of performance expected from the internal and external departments responsible for the disaster recovery program, the metrics upon which performance will be judged, and what happens if the agreed-upon deliverables are not performed up to your satisfaction.

Tip #4

An emergency management plan template for business continuity planning

This template defines an emergency management program and  emergency management standards, lists key emergency management impacts on business continuity, and provides a useful starting point for developing your own emergency management program and associated emergency management plans.

Tip #5

Voice communications technology disaster recovery planning template

Even though voice communications are among the biggest expenses in most organizations, it’s quite common for many of those companies to have few if any provisions for their voice systems in case of a system disruption or major disaster. This template will help you keep your voice communications operational in the event of a disaster. You’ll also find out how to write a voice over IP (VoIP) disaster recovery plan.

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