How to solve removable storage problems in Windows 2000

This tip will tell you how to identify and fix problems related to access violations in Windows 2000 Removable Storage Manager.

What you will learn from this tip: How to identify and fix problems related to access violations in Windows 2000 Removable Storage Manager.

Windows 2000 includes a service to handle removable storage devices such as optical disks, tapes and robotic tape libraries. However, the Removable Storage Manager can crash with an access violation to svchost.exe, a generic host process name for services running from dynamic link libraries (DLLs) in Windows 2000. Svchost.exe checks the registry at startup to find the DLLs that need to be installed and installs them.

If you are experiencing this problem, Microsoft provides a hotfix that is available from Microsoft Product Support Services. The hotfix requires that Service Pack 3 be installed.

Calls to Microsoft Product Support Services usually cost money. To find out details and typical charges, check the Microsoft support web page. However, in some cases if a specific update resolves your problem, the Microsoft service professional may waive the normal charges for the support call.

The problem isn't specific to the type of device being managed or the task being performed, and doesn't occur in all instances of removable storage management. Also, the hotfix might not be completely tested at this time, so Microsoft recommends that you do not apply it unless you are definitely affected. The problem occurs on the startup of RSM and involves the process of selecting and loading the DLLs. Microsoft plans to include a fix in a future service pack for Windows 2000.

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