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How to prepare and plan for a pandemic disaster

Learn how to prepare, plan and recover from a pandemic disaster in this latest podcast with Paul Kirvan.

The H1N1 flu is spreading rapidly around the country. Many people are out sick from school and work with the flu. Because of this, many companies must think about what they need in their disaster recovery (DR) plan to keep a pandemic from affecting their company, and what steps they should take in case their company is struck with a pandemic.

Paul Kirvan, an independent consultant, author and educator in business continuity management, discusses important steps a company must take in order to prepare, plan and recover from a pandemic disaster in this podcast, including:

  • The most important factors to have in a disaster recovery plan to avoid a pandemic disaster.
  • How management should address pandemics in the workforce.
  • Precautions employees need to take to protect themselves against a pandemic outbreak in their work environment.
  • What steps a company should take if it is hit with a pandemic outbreak and a big percentage of their workforce is out sick with the flu.

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Paul Kirvan discusses how to prepare for a pandemic
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