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Expert advice: Using replication in your DR strategy

Replication is increasingly finding its way into organizations' DR strategy. Check out our recent expert advice on the topic.

Replication refers to the practice of mirroring data from one machine to another -- typically over some distance -- to ensure availability of data in the event that the primary machine fails, loses power or is otherwise corrupted. As organizations have moved away from tape backup as a means to move secondary copies of data offsite, replication has found its way into many backup/DR strategies.

There are a number of ways replication can be used in conjunction with traditional backup, and some backup software tools are integrating with replication and array-based snapshots to facilitate secondary data management.

However, there are a number of things to consider before deploying the technology as a part of your DR strategy. This collection of recent expert advice is by no means an exhaustive study on the topic, but it is a good place to start learning more.

Using replication for remote site backup
Replication tools are used in many different ways. This piece offers insight on how replication can be used for remote site backup and DR.

How bidirectional replication can be used for DR
Bidirectional transactional replication lets two or more Windows servers serve as both "publishers" and "subscribers" of data. Learn how it's is used for disaster recovery in this piece.

How replication and CDP are used for disaster recovery
A couple years ago, CDP was a big buzzword, but the technology didn't quite catch on. These days, a combination of snapshots and replication is being used as a sort of "near CDP" in some organizations' backup strategy. Learn how CDP, snapshot and remote data replication are used for disaster recovery.

Traditional vs. hypervisor-based replication
Learn more about hypervisor-based replication and how it compares with other software-based replication in this Expert Response.

How is cloud replication performed?
Cloud backup is a hot topic right now, although our research shows that it has not yet been widely adopted. This piece details replication is performed when using cloud storage as a target.

Dealing with failback problems
Failback processes are complex and must be planned and tested in advance. This tip looks at issues that must be resolved before failing back to your primary location.

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