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Expert advice: Considerations for a facility DR/BC plan

Learn about creating a disaster recovery and business continuity plan for your organization's facility with this collection of expert advice.

Backing up data and sending it offsite is essential for disaster recovery, but it is only one part of a good disaster recovery/business continuity plan. It is also important to consider the facility in which your organization is housed, implement measures that prevent outages that could be otherwise disastrous, or allow you to get operations back online in a timely manner.

There are, of course, technologies available which allow employees to work at home, but most organizations rely on some kind of workspace to operate at an optimal level. Many organizations would be completely unable to operate without some kind of temporary or alternate workspace.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it is a great place to start if you are trying to harden your facility against disaster events. Below you will find a collection of recent expert advice on such topics as physical security, protection against weather events, specific considerations for older structures, flood insurance, and researching and buying a generator.

Disaster recovery checklist for new building owners
This checklist offers specific disaster recovery considerations for new building owners.

DR/BC planning for an older building
Learn what you need to know when it comes to disaster recovery when your organization is housed in an older facility.

Obtaining flood insurance for a data center
Take these steps when investigating insurance options for a data center located in a flood zone.

Protect your business infrastructure against lightning
Follow these steps to protect your business infrastructure against lightning strikes.

Evaluating emergency power supply options
Learn what you should consider when evaluating emergency power supply options.

Estimating energy use before buying a generator for DR
This piece details how to estimate energy use before buying a generator for disaster prep.

Diesel vs. natural gas generator for disaster readiness
Learn what you should consider before choosing between a diesel and natural gas generator for disaster readiness.

Costs associated with mobile recovery services for disaster recovery
This piece discusses costs associated with mobile recovery services, which can be very expensive and are not necessary for all organizations. 


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