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Backup school: Quiz two, answer four

Here is the answer to Backup school quiz two, question four.

Question #4

Imaging is used to:

a. Perform a typical backup
b. Archive old data for compliance purposes
c. Restore data in the event of a disaster
d. All of the above

Were you correct?

The correct answer is:

c. Restore data in the event of a disaster

Learn more:

Pulling an image of your storage server is a real help both in terms of deploying new servers and in disaster recovery on existing ones. However not all imaging products are created equal.

According to L. D. Weller, a senior product manager at Symantec, there are really two kinds of imaging products available in the windows environment, sharply delineated according to their use and performance. The more common class are products like Norton Ghost from Symantec and Deploy Center, originally from PowerQuest, but acquired by Symantec in its recent acquisition of PowerQuest.

Weller has several suggestions for anyone who wants to use an image product for disaster recovery. "Step one is to determine how critical the data is and where it will be stored. Do you want to put it on a local partition, a NAS box, a RAID array, where?" Weller said. "Step two is based on the amount of storage you have decide what kind of policy you're going to set in terms of images. How often are you going to take incremental captures?"

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