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Business continuity best practices: Podcasts with the Business Continuity Institute

Get expert advice on business continuity best practices. Listen to our biweekly podcast series with the Business Continuity Institute.

business continuity institute logo for business continuity best practices podcast seriesThe editorial staff of SearchDisasterRecovery and the Business Continuity Institute have launched a biweekly podcast series focusing on business continuity best practices. In this series, you can learn about all aspects of business continuity planning. Whether you are writing your first business continuity plan, or are a seasoned IT manager who wants to brush up on best practices, you'll definitely learn something new by listening to these podcasts with industry experts.

The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) was established in 1994 to help individual members obtain guidance and support from fellow business continuity practitioners. The BCI currently has 5,000+ members in 90 countries.  Professional membership of the BCI provides internationally recognized status as this valued certification demonstrates a member’s competence to carry out business continuity management to a consistent high standard. The wider role of the BCI, and the BCI's USA Chapter, is to promote the highest standards of professional competence and commercial ethics in the provision and maintenance of business continuity planning and professional services.

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NEW PODCAST:  How to ensure reliability in your organization’s voice/data network

In this podcast, discover some best practices in ensuring reliability in your organization’s voice/data network. Learn how to improve reliability in your network, what security issues exist, as well as some tips on protecting your network’s infrastructure. 

Click here to listen to the podcast or read the transcript about voice/data networks.

Why disaster recovery planners need a media response plan

In this podcast, board member Paul Kirvan discusses the role a media response plan should play in disaster recovery planning. He offers some advice for incorporating a media response plan into your disaster recovery strategy, who in your organization needs to be involved, what IT managers need to do, and why it's critical for every organization to have a media response plan.

Click here to listen to the podcast or read the transcript about media response plans.

Podcast: How to get management buy-in for your disaster recovery policy

In our first podcast with the BCI, board member Paul Kirvan talks about how to get management on board with your disaster recovery strategy. This is a problem we often hear about from our readers—how to convince management you need a disaster recovery plan, and why. In this podcast, learn about why selling your disaster recovery policy is such a challenge; discover the most important things to address when presenting your business continuity (BC)/DR strategy to management; and get advice on getting stakeholders on the same page.

Click here to listen to the podcast or read the transcript on getting management buy-in for your disaster recovery policy.


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