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Veritas retires Business Server for new version of NetBackup

Out with the old and in with the new. Veritas has retired NetBackup Business Server in favor of a new version of NetBackup for medium-sized businesses.

Veritas Software Corp., Mountain View, Calif., has revamped its backup software for small and medium-sized businesses and discontinued its lackluster NetBackup Business Server software package.

The new tool, dubbed Veritas NetBackup 5.0 Server, has more features and tools than Business Server and offers tighter integration with the company's other software packages.

The old Business Server edition didn't win over too many users, according to Brenda Zawatski, vice president of product marketing for Veritas.

"In a lot of cases, we gave customers a tough decision because of pricing. They said, 'If I grow a little bit I might outgrow this,'" Zawatski said.

Nancy Marrone-Hurley, senior analyst with Enterprise Storage Group Inc., said that NetBackup 5.0 Server is more than just a rebranded version of Business Server edition because Veritas has added a number of new features, bringing its feature set close to that of NetBackup Enterprise Server.

"NetBackup [5.0 Server] now supports synthetic backups, open copy, in-line copy, advanced reporting, application-specific agents and includes desktop and laptop support -- all of which are significant enhancements to the old Business Server edition," Marrone-Hurley said.

She also pointed to integration with Backup Exec and the Enterprise edition as a strong point of NetBackup 5.0 Server. "All have the same look and feel, and a user can easily migrate from one to the other if required," she said.

Some of the enterprise features found in the new NetBackup 5.0 Server include disk staging, synthetic backup and automated disaster recovery. NetBackup 5.0 Server uses technology from Veritas Volume Replicator to automatically replicate primary data to a disaster recovery site.

NetBackup 5.0 Server integrates with Veritas' CommandCentral Service software and with Veritas Data Lifecycle Manager, which provides data archiving, retention and retrieval capabilities.

According to Veritas, NetBackup 5.0 Server provides "limitless" client protection and tape storage support as a migration path to the enterprise-class NetBackup Enterprise Server.

NetBackup 5.0 Server has more features than Business Server, but it doesn't include some features of Veritas' more expensive software products. For instance, NetBackup 5.0 Server does not include the shared storage options or the three-tiered architecture found in NetBackup Enterprise Edition.

Jamie Gruener, senior analyst for enterprise computing and networking at the Yankee Group, Boston, said NetBackup 5.0 Server is aimed at users who don't need all of the functionality of NetBackup Enterprise.

"It's a much better fit for the midmarket," Gruener said. "I still think, ultimately, there will be a growing need to hit the [sub-$2000] price point."

Veritas is almost there when it comes to cost. Pricing for NetBackup 5.0 Server begins at $2,000 for Unix, Windows and Linux. Customers that have NetBackup Business Server can migrate to NetBackup 5.0 Server at no additional cost.

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