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Upgrades for VMware virtual servers added by Axcient, Veritas, Zerto

Axcient, Veritas and Zerto upgrade their software for VMware configurations. The upgrades center on data recovery, workflow automation and data dedupe for virtual servers.

Axcient, Veritas and Zerto have rolled out product enhancements focused on data protection and workflow processes for VMware virtual servers.

Axcient improves restores, dedupe

Axcient's latest version of its Fusion software includes a single-click file and folder restore feature for VMware virtual servers, improved workflow automation for recovery in the cloud, pre-written workloads for test and development operations, and improvements to its data deduplication.

Axcient Fusion is an orchestration and automation software platform, and the latest upgrades center on improving recovery point objectives (RPOs), orchestration and automation. The enhanced data deduplication is for VMware ESXi 5.5 and Windows environments.

"We've gotten more granular with the data dedupe," said Mike Dupuy, a senior manager of product marketing at Axcient. "With [Fusion] 1.5, we are seeing instead of RPOs in the hourly timeframe, the RPOs sink to minutes for some applications. For all customers, we are seeing 15 minutes or less for RPOs."

Axcient's new single-click recovery capability allows customers to browse and restore individual files and folders rather than restoring the entire virtual machine for data recovery. Axcient also improved workflow automation by giving customers the ability to pre-write the process in which servers are brought back online. Customers assign which servers to recover first, set the network configurations and assign the secondary or tertiary data center for replication.

 The Axcient cloud service also now automates the manual process of pre-written workflows in VMware virtual servers for test and development to replicate VMs across data centers and to the cloud.

Veritas modifies data movement for Resiliency Platform

Data protection vendor Veritas upgraded its Veritas Resiliency Platform, adding a data mover for recovery of VMware virtual servers. The feature targets customers with RPOs of two minutes or less for Tier 2 workloads.

Lisa Erickson, product manager and team leader for the Veritas Resiliency Platform, said the data mover will also support Microsoft Hyper-V and physical servers for application-specific replication in future releases.

The Axcient cloud service automates the manual process of pre-written workflows in VMware virtual servers for test and development to replicate VMs across data centers and to the cloud.

"We are trying to get to a model that customers want heterogeneous data movers across virtual and physical environments," Erickson said. "Our data mover is integrated with VMware. We use a virtual gateway."

Resiliency Platform deploys an IO filter on the ESXi servers, taps into the raw IO stream coming in from the virtual machines, and relays the data blocks to the local replication gateways. The primary replication gateway receives data from the IO filter and passes the data blocks to the corresponding gateway. A second replication gateway receives data from the primary gateway and applies the data to the VMware data stores.

"This is a hypervisor-based model instead of a guest-based model," Erickson said. "Instead of deploying an IO filter in each virtual machine, we do it all in a gateway. The IO filter runs at the hypervisor level rather than the guest."

The software also now provides a new template for improved service-level agreements so customers can apply an SLA template against different workloads in VMware virtual server configurations.

Zerto adds one-to-many replication

Zerto rolled out a one-to-many replication capability for migration protection and long-term, cloud-based retention and individual VM recovery. This allows customers to move data to Amazon S3 and also move data that needs more security to a remote, high-end data center for VMware virtual servers.

"I don't think many customers are yet comfortable with recovery (from the public cloud)," said Gil Levonai, Zerto's chief marketing officer. "So they still do replication on their own data sites. This one-to-many enables some good use cases."

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