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Zerto Virtual Manager to add failover, failback for Azure

Zerto's cloud-based Virtual Manager hypervisor replication tool copies applications and data to the public cloud and does failback for disaster recovery.

Zerto will soon release a block-level replication tool that replicates continuously from VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors into Microsoft Azure without the use of snapshots or storage.

The virtual machine (VM) replication vendor plans this year to release the first version of Zerto Virtual Manager that supports the Azure public cloud. That version will replicate data and applications to the cloud and a second version, scheduled for release in 2017, will give the ability to fail back. Zerto previewed the product this week at its ZertoCON conference in Boston.

"We do this in the hypervisor so it's completely storage-agnostic, which is what allows us to get into Azure without the need for extra hardware," said Joshua Stenhouse, Zerto's technology evangelist. "You can rewind and recover applications and data that is ransomware-infected. We do continuous replication without snapshots or performance impact."

Zerto Virtual Manager can replicate to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud but does not fail back from AWS.

The hypervisor replication software protects 30 days of data and has the ability to do near-second recovery. The Zerto Virtual Manager gives IT administrators the ability to do failover testing.

"We do this with no impact to your production site," Stenhouse said. "You pay for the block storage, [you pay for] one virtual machine and only pay for what you use. This is the beginning of the end for the need to host a disaster recovery site."

Zerto Virtual Manager places virtual machines in consistency group settings so that all the VMs can be recovered together from a single, consistent point in time.

Zerto Virtual Manager places virtual machines in consistency group settings so that all the VMs can be recovered together from a single, consistent point in time. Stenhouse said Zerto promises a recovery time objective in five minutes or less.

Arsen Baiatian, principal system administrator at the Broad Institute, said he will use Zerto Virtual Manager to replicate data to Azure and AWS.

"The speed we saw in the failover to Azure was much faster than AWS," he said. "[But] we plan to use both AWS and Azure. You can't have all your eggs in one basket."

Zerto also upgraded its Zerto Virtual Replication software with a new Journal File Level Recovery feature to restore any file from a point in time seconds before data is deleted or corrupted. It supports SAP, SQL, Oracle and Microsoft Exchange databases. The software uses compressed journaling of the changed blocks from the protected VMs, maintaining data granularity in increments of seconds and up to two past weeks. The product can replicate between VMware and Hyper-V environments and between private cloud environments and AWS.

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