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Zerto disaster recovery going mobile with app

BC/DR software vendor Zerto has increased mobility, with the unveiling of an application that lets users monitor their business continuity anywhere, without a VPN.

Senior system engineer Jayme Williams is looking forward to the day when he can perform a failover from his car.

That day might be coming soon for him, following the release of the mobile Zerto disaster recovery (DR) application. The software as a service-based app brings Zerto Virtual Replication "into everybody's hands," said Rob Strechay, Zerto's vice president of product.

"It's an extension of our user interface," Strechay said. With a SaaS-based app, the business continuity/disaster recovery software vendor wanted DR professionals to be able to "take Zerto with them anywhere," without the use of a VPN.

The app is ideal for customers with multiple targets, Strechay said.

In its first form, the Zerto disaster recovery app is read-only. It allows users to see their dashboard and their business continuity state, and provides alerts, such as whether replication is working properly.

Rob Strechay, Zerto's vice president of product, provides an early look at the company's mobile app for BC/DR.

But the DR vendor promoted it at this week's ZertoCON in Boston to get feedback from customers for future releases. For example, Strechay said customers may want the ability to take an action -- such as a failover -- from the app.

The future of the Zerto disaster recovery app

Williams, an engineer at material manufacturer TenCate, a Zerto customer since 2012, said he could use the read-only version of the mobile app and likes that it doesn't require a VPN. He said that, in the event of a recovery situation, he would love to be able to fail over while traveling. Gaining minutes is key -- the system could be up and running in the time it takes to drive to the office.

The Zerto disaster recovery app allows users to see their dashboard and their business continuity state, and provides alerts, such as whether replication is working properly.

"It's the mobility, the freedom of being able to control failover wherever you are," Williams said. "Nowadays, everything is mobile."

Other comments Zerto received at the conference include requests for more reporting, push alerts and push notifications. Strechay said those are planned for future releases along with analytics.

Customers will also be able to share the Zerto disaster recovery app's information through social channels such as WhatsApp, which can inform employees to take action.

In addition, the DR app gives customers a new way of looking at data.  

With mobile, a different user experience is important, Strechay said.

The Zerto disaster recovery app will be available in late 2016. The vendor doesn't have pricing details yet, but doesn't expect a cost for current customers.

The app is compatible with Android and iOS.

Zerto presents first conference

Hundreds of people attended the inaugural ZertoCON in Boston. Zerto, which specializes in virtualized data centers and cloud environments and has more than 3,000 customers, saw a need for deeper discussions about business continuity and disaster recovery, Strechay said.

Ransomware, DRaaS and resilience were popular topics at the conference, which also included a keynote by astronaut Story Musgrave.

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