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Zerto Virtual Replication adds support for Hyper-V and AWS

The latest Zerto Virtual Replication update adds some cloud disaster recovery support, but Microsoft Azure support remains a roadmap item.

Virtual machine replication vendor Zerto has enhanced its software to include cross-hypervisor replication and migration between Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware environments, along with the ability to replicate from a private cloud to Amazon Web Services.

Zerto Virtual Replication previously supported VMware via integration with VMware vCloud Director, allowing it to access virtual data centers, vApps, networks and data store settings for application failover and failback and central management.

"We took the [Zerto Virtual Replication] 3.5 product set and duplicated it for Microsoft Hyper-V," said Jennifer Gill, Zerto's director of global product marketing.

Zerto Virtual Replication supports bi-directional replication. Customers can replicate from multiple sites to one site that contains heterogeneous storage devices. The software also supports HTML 5 so that customers can manage their on-premises and cloud environments from a mobile device for disaster recovery and business continuity.

Gill said support for Microsoft Azure cloud is on the roadmap but may have to wait until 2016.

Gill said support for Microsoft Azure cloud is on the roadmap but may have to wait until 2016. And although some would like to see Zerto extend support to physical devices, it's not current in the company's plans.

"We do get requests for [physical server support] but it does not align with our strategy for now," Gill said.

Zerto Virtual Replication in action

Jayme Williams, a senior systems engineer for TenCate, a multinational technology company, said his company uses Zerto to copy data between data centers and then to a site in AWS.

Williams said TenCate is 99 percent virtualized and has about 250 virtual servers to handle application such as Microsoft Exchange, Citrix, Sequel Server, Active Directory and SharePoint.

"The replication is going on simultaneously," Williams said. "We have two data centers in Atlanta and we have an initiative to get rid of one data center that is used for backup. We are getting rid of one data center and using a secondary data center in AWS. We are using Zerto to move virtual machines out of the backup data center and move it to a primary data center and to Amazon."

TenCate uses Veeam Software to back up to ExaGrid disk appliances, and off to Amazon S3. It uses Zerto for replication for disaster recovery with AWS.

"We will continue to use Veeam and S3 for back up," Williams said. "With Zerto 4.0, we can replicate from our Atlanta data center to any on-premise location to AWS."

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