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Cloud backup provider Zetta.net adds cloud DRaaS

Zetta.net’s new cloud disaster recovery as a service targets MSPs with backup and disaster recovery for virtual and physical services.

Zetta.net this week launched its cloud-based disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) that protects virtual and physical servers and applications in the cloud.

The Zetta cloud DRaaS service does not require a local appliance and allows managed service providers (MSPs) and companies to run a virtualized native network in the cloud.

Gary Sevounts, Zetta’s chief marketing officer, said Zetta is trying to provide what larger companies such as SunGard do at a lower price.

Sevounts said Zetta's cloud DR as a service, which targets MSPs and enterprise businesses, can protect up to 100 physical or virtual servers with plans to protect more in future releases. The DR as a service offering has built-in WAN optimization that moves up to 5 TB of data in 24 hours for backup and recovery.

Zetta cloud DRaaS supports multiple servers, applications, native networks and heterogeneous operating system platforms. It can boot physical and virtual systems in the cloud via a virtual private network or Remote Desktop Protocol connection. It can replicate native file systems and map a local drive in the cloud to recover individual files or entire server images.

Dave Simpson, an analyst at 451 Research, said Zetta sets itself apart from other DR as a service offerings because it can protect both physical and virtual systems, unlike Zerto, OneCloud, HotLink, Accelerite and VMware’s vCloudAir.

"The lack of an appliance is appealing to MSPs who don’t want to deal with hardware maintenance and troubleshooting, like those that have a pure SaaS model," said Simpson. "This is primarily for SMBs but [Zetta] can also address mid-range companies.

"Another differentiator for Zetta is its transfer rate for backup and recovery. This is due to its WAN optimization level, which is high because these guys started out aiming at doing production servers in the cloud. They have a lot of Internet experience so they do nifty things to be able to push more data over the wire in a given period of time."

Simpson said Zetta previously offered "backup and recovery but not true DR, where you can recover entire sites, applications and networks in the cloud."

Customers pay a monthly fee per DRaaS-backed server that includes quarterly testing. There is an additional daily cost when the servers are spun up.

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