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Zerto adds Hyper-V replication, eyes 'cross-hypervisor' support

Zerto now supports VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V replication, and prepares to enter beta testing for VMware-to- Hyper-V replication.

Disaster recovery specialist Zerto is weaving additional functions into its Cloud Fabric for mobilizing virtualized workloads, including support for Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor and cloud-based replication to Amazon Web Services

Zerto expects to make Hyper-V to Hyper-V replication available for beta testing at the end of September. In addition, the vendor said it plans to begin testing in November of cross-hypervisor replication and failover between VMware ESXi and Hyper-V for mixed virtual environments

Cloud Fabric came out in May as an infrastructure layer within the Zerto Virtual Replication suite for hypervisor-based disaster recovery (DR) and off-site backup of VMware systems. The infrastructure consists of a transport layer and underlying technologies designed to make it easy to move groups of protected virtual machines (VMs) between cloud providers, based on predefined configurations set by storage administrators. 

Cloud Fabric is engineered to run natively with leading hypervisors, said Shannon Snowden, a senior technical marketing architect at Zerto. 

"Hyper-V has improved to the point that it is production-capable, but most critical apps need DR. We're enabling organizations to start promoting more VMs into production in Hyper-V with the equal capability to protect them as they do in VMware," Snowden said. 

The next step for Cloud Fabric will be to federate Hyper-V and ESXi in a hybrid cloud scenario. To meet requirements for application availability or performance, for instance, production applications may reside in a VMware-based private cloud, with Hyper-V replicating backup to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to satisfy service level agreements for rapid recovery.

Zerto Virtual Replication version 3.5 uses AWS as a target site for full backup of replicated data. Users can make a full copy in Zerto and store it in Amazon's public cloud. To recover the data, enterprise backups still need to be imported back to the original data store. Eventually, Snowden said, Cloud Fabric will enable failover between data centers running dissimilar hypervisors. 

Including AWS, Zerto has agreements in place with about 150 cloud computing providers. Zerto's enterprise license for v3.5 permits up to 15 virtual machines for approximately $14,000.

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