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TwinStrata CloudArray moves inside the cloud for DR

TwinStrata adds in-cloud option to its CloudArray cloud storage gateway that installs at the cloud provider site and fails over applications for DR.

TwinStrata Inc. this week said it's making available its CloudArray cloud storage gateway as a virtual appliance inside the cloud to facilitate disaster recovery for users, who won't have to set up a second site.

TwinStrata began selling its CloudArray iSCSI cloud storage gateway in 2010, allowing customers to cache frequently accessed data on premises and send other data to the cloud. The new in-cloud option lets TwinStrata CloudArray customers add a virtual array inside Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Google, IBM SmartCloud Enterprise and Rackspace clouds. The in-cloud array gives customers the ability to fail over on-premises applications without a dedicated DR site.

The in-cloud appliance also lets customers move data between cloud platforms in case the primary cloud provider suffers an outage, said TwinStrata CEO Nicos Vekiarides. "If you have your data in the cloud, what's your disaster recovery strategy? Now you can create copies to another cloud provider. It's real-time replication, so if you have a copy of data, you can access [it] from another cloud provider," he said.

The virtual appliance offers up to 50 petabytes of storage capacity per server.

The TwinStrata CloudArray makes it possible for companies to create an iSCSI storage area network (SAN) in the cloud based on object storage, Vekiarides said. "With CloudArray, you create a SAN cloud," he said. "You can build a big storage pool. You can manage it yourself. It gives you the capability to order small-instance servers and use object storage and map it directly so applications can access it. A lot of providers use object storage, but they don't have a way to connect to object storage via plug-and-play."

TwinStrata's in-cloud option is currently available on Amazon, IBM and Rackspace clouds, and is expected to be available on Google by the end of September.

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