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Irvine Consulting Services expands cloud computing service and other disaster recovery news

This week's disaster recovery news in brief: Irvine Consulting Services expands cloud computing service; Nirvanix offers customers in Japan option to move their data and other news.

The following is a compilation of the latest disaster recovery news.

Irvine Consulting Services expands cloud computing service

Irvine Consulting Services has launched its ICS Cloud Computing Service using Pillar Data Systems' Axiom storage. ICS recently introduced a cloud computing service and the Pillar Axiom was selected over competing products from EMC Corp., Dell, Compellent, Hewlett-Packard (HP) Co. and Nexsan. With the use of Pillar Axiom, ICS can better meet their customers' service-level agreements (SLAs). Their customers also have secure access to onsite data or within their private cloud. Other features of Pillar Axiom include distributed RAID controllers and built-in hot spares.

ICS has planned a three-year ROI on Pillar Axiom deployments for its customers. It includes a storage consolidation project, a disaster recovery project and a storage expansion project.

Nirvanix offers customers in Japan option to move data to other continents

In response to the natural disaster that occurred in Japan, Nirvanix announced a new program that provides its customers currently storing data in its Node 3 data center in Japan with the option of moving their data to other locations in the Nirvanix Cloud Storage Network, either on a temporary or full-time basis, free of charge. Currently all of the data in Nirvanix’s Node 3 data center in Japan is secure and is approximately 200 miles away from the impacted area, and all services remain normal and available at this time. Data relocation options outside of Japan include four additional Nirvanix data centers, including three in the U.S. (Los Angeles, New York and Dallas) and one in Frankfurt, Germany.

SmartShare Systems integrates WAN optimization and bandwidth management products with ConnectWise

ConnectWise announced that SmartShare Systems has added integration of its SmartShare automated QoS and bandwidth optimization appliances with ConnectWise software. SmartShare bandwidth optimization appliances have a built-in health monitor, which can detect a range of network-related problems and resolve bandwidth performance issues. 

AppAssure’s Replay 4 software helps concrete pumping company reduce downtime

AppAssure Software announced that Brundage Bone Concrete Pumping, the largest concrete pumping company in the United States, reduced downtime from five days to 20 minutes after it replaced its previous backup product with AppAssure’s backup and recovery product, Replay 4.

NetJapan donates DR software to companies in Japan

Rectiphy Corp.’s parent company NetJapan is giving away Rectiphy-developed ActiveImage Protector IT Pro Edition to Japanese companies affected by the recent earthquake. AIP IT Pro Edition enables system administrators to quickly back up physical Windows systems in order to perform system repairs, maintenance or migrations to new hardware or virtual environments. ActiveImage Protector was developed by Murrieta, CA-based Rectiphy Corp. that also sells the product in markets outside of Japan. Since NetJapan’s March 14 announcement, more than 300 copies of the Japanese version of AIP IT Pro Edition have been downloaded.

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