Disaster recovery news briefs: Survey reveals virtual and cloud environments pose backup challenges

This week's disaster recovery news in brief: Survey reveals virtual and cloud environments pose challenges; Colocation America's power for core network in 2010 was 100% and more.

The following is a compliation of the latest disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) news.

Acronis survey reveals virtual and cloud environments pose backup and recovery challenges to businesses

Acronis Inc. recently conducted the Global Disaster Recovery Index, a survey which measures IT managers' confidence in their backup and recovery operations. Each country was ranked based on its responses from 11 questions about their confidence in backup and DR readiness, capabilities and practices.

The survey revealed that although most businesses have two to three different backup systems, most want one backup and recovery solution for their physical, virtual and cloud environments. It also concluded that the greatest challenge for IT managers is moving data between the three environments. According to the survey, these technologies make disaster recovery more complicated.

Colocation America's power status for core network uptime in 2010 was 100%

Colocation America announced that its power status and network uptime for the entire year of 2010 was 100%. Colocation America has 22 data centers across the U.S., all with access to connectivity hubs. Their power systems include inline power backups and onsite Caterpillar generators with standby fuel. UPS systems keep them up and running at 100% year round.

Lt. Gov. Reynolds to oversee disaster recovery changes for Rebuild Iowa Office

Lt. Gov. of Iowa Kim Reynolds will preside over the June 30 closing of the Rebuild Iowa Office (RIO) and make sure current and future flood victims' needs are met as state disaster operations shift to the Department of Homeland Security and its office of emergency management. Reynolds said she would like to explore ways to better integrate local and state planning in the future and to address future flood plain and watershed management issues before duties of the RIO office are turned over.

ATCi responds to demand for disaster recovery services

In response to recent events and the demand for disaster recovery services voiced at the Pacific Telecommunications Council Conference (PTC) in Honolulu, ATCi, a provider of teleport services, introduced its Arizona teleport facility. The facility is located in a remote location away from storms, earthquakes and hurricanes. ATCi's satellite and teleport infrastructure is able to provide Internet connectivity, media content storage, private networks, 24/7 monitoring, backhaul, Internet/data/fiber satellite Integration and VoIP services in catastrophic situations.

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