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i365 adds new features to its EVault Remote Disaster Recovery Service

This week's disaster recovery news in brief: i365 adds new features to its disaster recovery service and Palisade Systems introduces new data loss prevention service.

The following is a compilation of the latest disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) news

i365 adds new features to its EVault Remote Disaster Recovery Service

i365 Inc. announced that it has added new features to its EVault Remote Disaster Recovery (RDR) Service. EVault RDR performs periodic backups of selected servers. If a disaster occurs, the backup can be restored and run in a virtual environment. The new features of this disaster recovery service include support for VMware, and availability of i365's Toronto data center.

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Palisade Systems introduces new data loss prevention service

Palisade Systems announced a new data loss prevention service geared toward small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), ComplianceSafe. This service works to protect private and sensitive data by controlling the flow of confidential information in outbound email messages. Small business users can point their company's outbound email at ComplianceSafe servers. Then, ComplianceSafe monitors data that leaves business premises according to the user's preferences. Users will then be notified if a data leak or security breach occurs.

Guidance Consulting announces new disaster recovery planning focused on green initiatives

Guidance Consulting, a Georgia-based IT technology firm, announced that they will offer a new line of disaster recovery services aimed at a more green approach to technology. The Disaster Recovery Planning package is a major feature of this service, and is designed to reduce paper storage, tape storage and the reliance on inefficient hardware.

Pro Softnet Corp. releases IBackup for civil governments and agencies

Pro Softnet Corp. announced that one of its data backup and disaster recovery services, IBackup, is now available for civil governments and agencies. The main features of IBackup include disaster recovery services, hot sites, a multi-year archive, Web-based access to your account and backups across platforms and data bases.

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