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Carnegie Mellon University launches Disaster Management Initiative

Carnegie Mellon University announced the launch of its Disaster Management Initiative , which works to bring together groups to collaborate on DR management solutions.

Carnegie Mellon University announced the launch of its Disaster Management Initiative (DMI), which is a new technology partnership that works to bring together groups and individuals to collaborate on solutions for more effective management with the response and recovery of disasters with the public, emergency responders and command centers in California and other locations.

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The DMI is located at the NASA Ames Research Park at Moffett Field, Calif., where Carnegie Mellon is working with 70 companies on research and development projects regarding disaster recovery management. Besides that, Carnegie Mellon is working with nine other regional and state agencies including Airship Earth Corporation (AEC), California Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA), Clearwire Corp., Golden Gate Safety Network and MapLab (GGSN), TechNet, TWIKI.NET, Unisys, Wireless Communications alliance (WCA) and WCA eCLIC.

The DMI will hold a workshop on Disaster Response and Emergency Services on March 26, which will focus on defining framework for new devices, communication and collaboration technologies and creating projects to be researched further. Speakers will include Matthew Bettenhausen, secretary of CalEMA and Mike Dayton, deputy director of legislative affairs for California Homeland Security. Also, a panel of DMI partners will also speak about topics on mobile devices, networking, systems integration and more. The public can register for this free event on the Crisis Camp Silicon Valley website.

One of the goals of the workshop is to engage the private citizens and work on improving the disaster response mechanism. "Public safety isn't just the responsibility of the government. We have to engage private and public sectors," said David Coggeshall, managing director of San Francisco Communications (SFC).

"And the West Coast has a culture of innovation," with Silicon Valley, NASA, and companies like Google and Hewlett-Packard within 50 miles of the event, said Dr. Martin Griss, director of the Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley.

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