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News briefs: SteelEye supports disaster recovery, business continuity for Windows Server 2008

The following is a compilation of the latest disaster recovery and business continuity news.

SteelEye supports disaster recovery and business continuity for Windows Server 2008 R2

SteelEye Technology Inc. announced SteelEye DataKeeper support for Windows Server 2008 R2, including support for multi-site clusters of Hyper-V, SQL Server, File/Print, DHCP and other Microsoft cluster resource types. DataKeeper is a data replication product for Windows Server 2003 and 2008. It enables disaster recovery (DR) without the data loss typically associated with traditional data backup and recovery technologies. With DataKeeper's real-time continuous replication of Hyper-V virtual machines (VMs), standby servers can be activated with little data loss in the event of a disaster.

Along with supporting Hyper-V clusters, DataKeeper also enables multi-site clusters for all other Microsoft cluster resource types. It also reduces the cost of deploying clusters by eliminating the need for a storage area network (SAN).

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Farmer Mac chooses NaviSite for disaster recovery

NaviSite Inc., a cloud enterprise-hosting and application service, announced that the Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (Farmer Mac) has selected NaviSite for disaster recovery purposes. Farmer Mac is a government-sponsored enterprise that was created to improve the availability of long-term credit for farmers, ranchers, rural homeowners, businesses and communities.

Farmer Mac needed a DR solution that complied with SAS-70 audit report requirements and Sarbanes-Oxley. They were also facing serious hardware problems. Farmer Mac chose NaviSite for several reasons. First, NaviSite has the ability to leverage hardware and software to replicate data. Second, NaviSite allows customers to choose a DR solution that replicates their primary data center environment to assure complete failover capacity. And third, the company offers cloud-enabled managed hosting solutions such as database management, server management, virtualization, remote monitoring and network and security services to meet specific IT management needs.

Webair introduces customized disaster recovery

Webair announced its offering of customized disaster recovery options including remote location website failover, offsite data backups, disaster recovery seats and emergency office space.

With an array of DR options, and by creating mirrored setups of existing infrastructures in other locations, clients now have the ability to handle their traffic in case their primary site goes down without requesting IP or DNS changes.

Terremark introduces new cloud-based disaster recovery service

Terremark Worldwide Inc. announced Terremark's Virtualized Disaster Recovery product, a cloud-enabled disaster recovery service. Terremark's Virtualized Disaster Recovery supports a variety of operating systems and enterprise applications and databases. With this cloud-enabled disaster recovery service, business-critical environments are protected without the cost or complexity of maintaining the server, network or facility infrastructures at a secondary site.

Terremark's Virtualized Disaster Recovery service is suitable for all types and sizes of enterprises, offers array-based, host-based and application-based options and supports both physical and virtual servers. It's also equipped with high-security options such as intrusion detection, log aggregation, firewall services and on-demand managed backup services.

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