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Sepaton's DeltaRemote integrates remote replication with data deduplication on virtual tape librarie

With its new DeltaRemote software, Sepaton Inc. is adding the ability to replicate deduplicated data to its virtual tape libraries to facilitate disaster recovery, particularly in large enterprises.

Sepaton Inc. is adding the ability to replicate deduplicated data to its virtual tape libraries (VTLs) to facilitate disaster recovery (DR), particularly in large enterprises.

Sepaton's DeltaRemote software launched today can be licensed along with its DeltaStor deduplication software to reduce the amount of data organizations must move to their disaster recovery site. Sepaton previously allowed customers to replicate to remote sites, but the replicated data was not deduped. Deduplicating data before replicating it saves the amount of bandwidth required to replicate and restore data.

Most enterprise deduplication systems already support replication of deduped data, and Sepaton CEO Mike Worhach identified it as a major goal for his company earlier this year.

Deduping data before moving it to remote disaster recovery sites

"We have a very high level of requests for replication from large enterprises," said Steve Bagby, Sepaton's senior director of product planning and engineering.

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Analysts and storage administrators said it is crucial to be able to compress data before moving it to disaster recovery sites in large storage environments.

"Replication without data deduplication may have worked in the past, but it is absolutely not enough for 2009," Taneja Group analyst Arun Taneja said. "Having it is now a prerequisite. What the efficiency is and how much better than somebody else's replication with deduplication is another question, but the baseline product is absolutely needed."

DeltaRemote works with all of the backup applications that DeltaStor supports -- Hewlett-Packard (HP) Co. Data Protector, IBM Corp. Tivoli Storage Manager and Symantec Corp. Veritas NetBackup. Because the Sepaton product is a virtual tape library that manages backups the same way as tape, DeltaRemote lets organizations replicate and restore at the cartridge level.

Tom Walsh, CIO of ACN Inc., said he's testing DeltaStor and DeltaRemote with the Sepaton S2100 VTL the telecommunications services company purchased last October to move away from tape backups. ACN's headquarters is in Concord, N.C., and it has an office in Montreal for its Canadian business. Walsh said possible scenarios would be to replicate data between Concord and Montreal, or between Concord and ACN's SunGard disaster recovery site.

"If we could be in a situation where we replicate data to the DR site, we don't have to worry about pulling tapes," Walsh said. "We can get it active almost immediately. We can maintain the most current version of data in case of a disaster, and reduce the amount of backup tapes we keep for regulatory reasons. If we have to keep seven years of data, that would be on tape, and we'd use DeltaRemote for real disasters. It would also make it more efficient to do DR testing, and shorten the recovery for our DR window."

Although Walsh said ACN gets around a 40-1 data deduplication ratio -- much higher than he expected -- in testing on Oracle database, Exchange and other files, he's not sure when his budget will make it possible to license DeltaStor and DeltaRemote.

DeltaRemote licenses are priced at $11,000 per node.

HP, which sells Sepaton's deduplication software with its Virtual Library Systems under an OEM deal, will make its Low-Bandwidth Replication software available "in the coming weeks," according to an HP spokesperson. HP says its dedupe replication was co-developed with Sepaton "with a great deal of HP intellectual property."

IBM is also working on allowing its Diligent VTLs to replicate deduped data. Data Domain, EMC Corp., ExaGrid Systems Inc., FalconStor Software, NetApp Inc. and Quantum Corp. all support integrated replication with deduplication boxes.

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