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Mozy seeds its cloud backup service with Data Shuttle device

Mozy looks to improve the time it takes to get started with its MozyPro cloud backup service with a seeding device called the Data Shuttle.

EMC Corp.’s Mozy online backup service is looking to get more businesses hooked on the cloud with its new Mozy Data Shuttle, a cloud backup seeding device for SMBs to perform a fast, encrypted first backup of large data sets from their servers to Mozy’s data center.

Data Shuttle is part of the MozyPro business data protection service. Mozy sends a pre-paid overnight shipment to Data Shuttle customers containing one or more 2 TB EMC Iomega disk systems to store full backups that exceed 100 GB of data. Once the administrator does the initial backup, the company sends the hard drive back to Mozy. There, the data is copied into Mozy’s storage.

MozyPro software double encrypts the data with a Mozy-generated key or a personal key, plus a one-time Data Shuttle key for encryption while the hard drive is in transit. After Mozy copies the data, it wipes the device clean using military-grade encryption standards. Mozy is ISO 27001 certified and SAS 70 Type II audited.

Thereafter, block-level changes are backed up daily over the Internet using MozyPro.

“Two-thirds of our revenue comes from SMBs,” Gytis Barzdukas, Mozy’s director of product management said. “As more organizations go online for Software as a Service (SaaS), particularly for backup, we noticed the amount of data they have to backup is sizable but their bandwidth is limited. Most of these companies have remedial connectivity. To do an initial backup of 200 or 400 GB, it could take weeks to get that into the cloud. Data Shuttle is just for data seeding. It’s a way to get them on the on-ramp to the cloud.”

MozyPro backs up all open and locked files, as well as common business applications running on Window servers. MozyPro can backup data automatically, or follow a customized schedule or other configurations. Administrators also can set up policies on bandwidth usage, backup speeds or defining file types.

“They are plugging into the Internet and then we have a process in which they can back up on a daily setting or the customer can do it hourly,” Barzdukas said.

Barzdukas said the company also has improved its file scanning to increase the speed of its first backup. He said the software also does a better job of understanding the type and number of files needed to be backed up.

“We prepare the data backup set in a logically faster way so we can back up the data in a faster way,” he said.

David Chapa, senior analyst for the Enterprise Strategy Group, said other cloud providers offer cloud seeding but not many have made it into an official product. Chapa said the encryption could alleviate customers’ data security fears.

“I think the reason people may not go for it, and it’s more of a perception, is the security dynamic,” said Chapa. “What if my data is not secure? Mozy is pushing the security angle with this announcement."

The Data Shuttle costs $275 for a single 2 TB drive, $375 for two drives, $475 for three drives and $575 for four drives.


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