Introducing Disaster Recovery Fundamentals -- an ezine from Storage magazine and

In our premier issue, Disaster Recovery Fundamentals -- you'll get a concise guide to disaster recovery (DR) essentials.

Our ezines and ebooks provide in-depth information resources that you as a storage professional have come to expect from Storage magazine and With each edition, our storage experts address the topics and issues that are most relevant to your storage needs.

In our premier issue, Disaster Recovery Fundamentals -- you'll get a concise guide to disaster recovery (DR) essentials; from building a plan, to prioritizing what needs the most protection, to finally putting your DR plan to the test.

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Here is a closer look on what our first DR ezine will cover:
Disaster Recovery Fundamentals

 Chapter 1: Back to DR basics
 Chapter 2: What else should you protect?
 Chapter 3: Test, test and test
 Chapter 4: Top 10 DR tips

Disaster Recovery Fundamentals

Even if you haven't been affected by a disaster – natural, man-made or otherwise, that doesn't mean you can neglect to keep your disaster recovery practices current.

In an ideal DR scenario, IT personnel would be prepared to handle multiple disaster categories, with their actions dictated by clearly defined and documented procedures. Application recovery would be prioritized on the basis of service levels driven by well thought out recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) metrics. Much of the recovery would be automated through replication and other recovery tools.

But we all know that's not always the case.

In Storage magazine and's first DR ezine, Disaster Recovery Fundamentals, you'll get a closer look at some DR basics and discuss a lingering concern many storage managers face: the business-IT expectations gap. Many DR plans aren't aligned with the data's value to the company – learn how to make sure your critical data is protected effectively.

Check out this ezine today and get a concise guide to disaster recovery essentials, from building a plan to putting it to the test.

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