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Companies have high expectations for their disaster recovery test plan

Disaster recovery is a standard fixture in most data centers; our most recent survey finds 77% of respondent organizations have a DR plan in place.

Disaster recovery is now a standard fixture in most data centers; our most recent survey finds 77% of respondent organizations have a disaster recovery test plan in place.

Once considered an insurance policy only well-heeled companies could afford, disaster recovery (DR) is now standard fare in most data centers. In our recent survey, 77% of respondent organizations said they have a DR test plan in place, just a few percentage points higher than two years ago. Most (61%) of those plans cover mission-critical applications, but 36% say their DR strategy protects all their company's apps. A DR plan's recovery point objective defines how much data can be lost without problems; 26% of those surveyed had zero tolerance for any data loss, but 30% could forfeit a day's worth. A recovery time objective is how long a recovery will take; 78% said 24 hours or less, but 14% expect lickety-split recoveries of an hour or less. Those numbers are demanding, but with server virtualization and cloud services, recoveries are faster and more comprehensive: 83% are using server virtualization at either or both primary and recovery sites, and 19% are using cloud recovery exclusively or paired with a physical site. And what about the laggards who lack a DR plan? Forty percent say they're working on it now, and 19% "haven't gotten around to it yet."

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