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December 2017, Vol. 16, No. 10

Disaster recovery tools: What most DR pros want

The number and types of threats than can lead to a disaster are higher than ever. It doesn't matter if the threat is natural or man-made, or whether it comes from internal or external forces. What matters is that you have a disaster recovery plan in place and are confident in that plan and the disaster recover tools that are a part of it. Surprisingly, enterprises aren't nearly as confident in their DR plans as you'd think. TechTarget Research showed only 22% of businesses had high confidence in their DR plan in the event of an emergency. Another 48% checked off moderately confident, while a significant percentage have low (24%) or no (6%) confidence in their DR plans. Having a disaster recovery plan in place isn't going to offer much comfort if you aren't sure it's going to get business operations up and running as soon as possible after a major disruption. One way to boost confidence in your plan is to test it regularly. Forty-four percent do the bare minimum, testing their DR plans, including disaster recovery tools, once a ...

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