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August 2014 Vol. 13 No. 6

Why monitoring your data protection policy is like herding cats

As much as the server hypervisor and software-defined data center evangelists would like to argue that high-availability (HA) clustering with failover has replaced traditional data protection and business continuity (BC) techniques, the truth is quite a bit more complex. HA has always been part of a spectrum of techniques available for building data protection policy and application recovery strategies, but not every application requires the "always on" method of recovery or merits the high costs associated with HA. Done properly, data protection requires the assignment of the right set of protection services to the right data. The "right" service in this context is defined as the most appropriate, given the criticality of the application or business process being protected and its associated recovery time requirements. The "right" data refers to data that fits in a particular class. Data has no value except for what it inherits -- like so much DNA -- from the business process it serves, and since not all business processes are ...

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