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Vol. 4 No. 5 July 2005

Tape is not about to go away

Tape isn't as popular a medium for backup as it was a few years ago, but when it comes to long-term archiving, it still has long legs. There's no doubt about it, "if you're just looking for pure archiving, tape has [disk] beat hands down," says Bruce Master, senior program manager for worldwide tape products marketing at IBM, which is a founding member of the LTO Consortium. The consortium is promoting the availability of its LTO-3 WORM cartridges, which can store up to 800GB of compressed data in a compliance-friendly format for approximately $.16/GB. From a raw media cost perspective, pricing for 800GB of Serial ATA (SATA) disk drives comes to approximately $.65/GB. Over the long term, tape's price advantage is actually much greater. A recent white paper by Data Mobility Group, Nashua, NH, titled "Is tape really cheaper than disk?," finds that over seven years, the cost of maintaining data on disk rather than tape is almost an order of magnitude higher. Specifically, Dianne McAdam, partner and senior analyst at the Data ...

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Features in this issue

  • Data classification: Getting started

    by  Karl Langdon and John Merryman

    Classifying data and knowing how its value changes over time will improve service levels, create a better working relationship with business units and reduce costs. (This tip is part of our Storage 101 tip series.)

  • How DBAs view storage

    Storage magazine's exclusive poll gives you the lowdown on how DBAs and storage pros view storage. We detail each group's areas of concern, spotlight their differences and find some common ground.

  • Clustering comes to NAS

    by  Alex Barrett

    Fed up with monolithic NAS boxes that don't scale? Clustering provides a way out of the management headache that's being perpetuated by some industry players.

Columns in this issue