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A DRaaS market guide: Advice on the thriving technology

This group of stories helps you decide whether DRaaS is the right choice, what to expect from it, what to consider when choosing a vendor and how best to implement the technology.


Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) -- or DR in the cloud -- has opened the door to increased data protection for many businesses. While some companies had historically found DR too costly or complicated to implement, now SMBs and smaller enterprises have many more options thanks to the DRaaS market. For organizations looking to make the jump to DRaaS, this Essential Guide serves as a great research site.

The DRaaS market is getting increasingly powerful and proficient, but it's important to take a step back and compare cloud and on-premises DR. This guide features analysis of such significant matters as cost, flexibility and reliability.

Once you've decided to put DRaaS into action, there are many items to consider before picking your provider. From bandwidth to pricing to scalability, you'll find many key areas examined in this guide, helping you to make a good product decision.

You'll further discover what disaster recovery as a service can do, what it may not be able to do and how it functions. With our expert advice, as well as definitions of phrases and terms that are prevalent in the DRaaS market, you'll develop a grasp on this important technology.

1In the spotlight-

Explore the rise of DRaaS

The DRaaS market has seen a surge in the last couple of years. Explore how and why with this collection of stories.


Organizations size up cloud DR services

Ransomware mitigation and regulatory compliance may become an ideal use for cloud-based disaster recovery services. Continue Reading


What lies ahead for disaster recovery vendors

Disaster recovery vendors are undergoing a shift. DR tasks are converging with data backup, and many processes are moving to the cloud. Continue Reading


Cloud DR emerges as powerhouse

Highlights of cloud disaster recovery include affordability, flexibility. Continue Reading


DRaaS vs. traditional disaster recovery plans

While disaster recovery as a service has its advantages over conventional DR, there are risks with cloud services. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Survey: Cloud provides new path for DR readiness

DRaaS has put DR within the reach of small and medium-sized businesses. Continue Reading


DRaaS can ease pricing burden

The cloud has been a great equalizer when it comes to DR. Continue Reading


DRaaS addresses some long-standing market challenges

Planning and testing DR requires a great deal of time and effort. The DRaaS market has gained traction as a result, but be aware of its shortcomings. Continue Reading

2Evaluating, implementing-

Areas to assess in picking DRaaS

There are many options in the DRaaS market. These expert articles detail issues to monitor and the most important elements when choosing disaster recovery as a service for your organization.


The hidden gotchas of DRaaS

The DR-as-a-service market is so competitive, and the available options so varied, that it can be tough for IT decision makers to make a selection. Continue Reading


Comparing cloud backup services for the enterprise

Any cloud backup comparison worth its salt should rate vendors based on bandwidth, latency and any DRaaS offerings. Expert George Crump imparts his advice. Continue Reading


It may be time to switch DRaaS vendors

Choosing a DRaaS vendor that will step up to the plate during critical situations is a major decision, so ensure its security, testing and SLAs fit your needs. Continue Reading


Deep dive into examining DRaaS providers

To make sure a DRaaS provider is the right fit for your organization, put in the work ahead of time. A detailed RFP is just one key approach to take. Continue Reading


Four key DRaaS capabilities to look for

DRaaS providers can handle both major and minor disasters. Look for these four key capabilities when vetting disaster-recovery-as-a-service offerings. Continue Reading


Watch your DRaaS: Quick tips for cloud DR testing

Explore this checklist of best practices for cloud disaster recovery plan testing. Testing is just as important for DRaaS as it is for legacy DR. Continue Reading


Much to compare among DRaaS providers

Consider these nine areas during the DRaaS vendor evaluation process. Continue Reading


Best practices for getting started with DRaaS

These eight steps can help ensure disaster recovery as a service is implemented correctly in your organization. Continue Reading


Cloud DR: Areas of concern before and during implementation

Location and network are among the important considerations for cloud DR. Carefully examine those areas and then learn how to implement the service. Continue Reading


Service-level agreements for DRaaS vendors

When running applications in the cloud, performance is always a concern, but service-level agreements can help. Continue Reading


What DRaaS can do, how it works

Explore how DRaaS can help your organization with advice about its proficiencies and benefits.


Can hyper-convergence be used as DRaaS?

Hyper-converged software can be tough to integrate with disaster recovery as a service, but cloud support and replication can help. Continue Reading


Building a better cloud disaster recovery plan

A cloud disaster recovery plan allows organizations to cope with service interruptions while staying within their modest DR budgets. Continue Reading


Tips for choosing your disaster recovery method

Disaster recovery methods vary dramatically. Legacy DR may not cut it anymore. Following a TCO review, a shift to DRaaS could be in order. Continue Reading


DRaaS providers can handle cloud failover

But there are three questions IT planners need to have answered before using disaster recovery as a service in their cloud strategy. Continue Reading


Cloud DR: Why you should fail back

Most of the time, an organization should plan on failing workloads from the cloud back to their original locations as soon as a crisis is resolved. Continue Reading


How well will your DRaaS work after a regional disaster?

While it's impossible to guarantee that the DRaaS market will meet your needs following a large disaster, there are some steps you can take to improve the odds. Continue Reading


Hosted colocation vs. disaster recovery as a service

Choosing hosted colocation or DRaaS comes down to provider specialization and integration with your primary data center. Continue Reading


Build your cloud DR plan

Cloud disaster recovery works best when infrastructure, DR requirements and failover are properly documented. Continue Reading


A list of essential definitions

Learn some of the key terms regarding disaster recovery as a service and the DRaaS market.

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How well do you know disaster recovery?

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