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April 2014

Evaluating hardware, software and hypervisor-based replication

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IT administrators today are faced with a variety of new or growing data protection challenges. For many, the tried and true approach of nightly backups has become impractical. Exponential data growth, the need for more frequent data protection and faster restores have forced administrators to look for alternatives to traditional data backups. One approach that is growing in popularity is to use a combination of replication and snapshots as a way of continuously protecting data. But there are a number of ways this can be accomplished, each with its own pros and cons.

This handbook compares and contrasts hardware-based and software-based replication so you can better decide which approach suits your organization's needs. You will find an easy-to-digest chart detailing the pros and cons of each as well as articles offering greater detail. You will also learn why hypervisor-based replication is growing in popularity.

Table Of Contents

  • Hypervisor-based replication offers granularity, flexibility
  • Differences between hardware, software replication
  • Hardware, software replication choices

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