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March 2016

Disaster recovery in the cloud: A new world

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Cloud disaster recovery effectively puts DR within the reach of any organization, thanks to the relatively low cost and a reduced need for additional resources. In theory, cloud DR lowers costs and eliminates the need for a dedicated recovery site. But is that all there is to it? With this handbook, we'll go over the benefits and drawbacks to cloud DR, and where it works best.

If an organization is wary of putting their primary storage in the cloud, cloud DR is a way of utilizing the cloud without being completely dependent on it for storage. Because cloud capacity is made available depending on what is needed, it allows smaller enterprises to implement a DR plan that might otherwise be too costly.

However, before adopting cloud-based DR, there are a number of considerations that need to be made. Knowing exactly what you need, and evaluating different cloud providers are vital steps to implementing cloud DR. This handbook will discuss those and other factors that should be taken into account before deciding on cloud-based DR.

About The Author

Chris Evans - Contributor

Chris Evans has worked in the IT industry for more than 25 years...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Proper planning provides productive cloud DR platform
  • Cloud-based disaster recovery service grabs spotlight
  • Cloud recovery: Five reasons to fail back

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