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July 2014

Modernizing data center protection

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This chapter is included in the Overcome today's disaster recovery challenges E-Book.

Today's workforce is increasingly mobile and BYOD has taken hold in many organizations. The use of devices not connected to a local network is a challenge for IT staffs tasked with protecting data on those devices. While mobile and cloud platforms are relatively new, data centers have been under the watchful eye of IT professionals for decades; so why is "backup" not solved yet?

There are at least two primary reasons that even data center data protection continues to challenge IT: changes in workload recovery requirements and workload protection mechanisms; and the sheer amount of production and protection storage required. This chapter will look at the challenges that exist -- protection and recovery requirements are changing, data growth is forcing changes in protection and recovery, snapshots and replication -- and offer best practices and the technologies designed to mitigate them.

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Jason Buffington - Senior Analyst

Jason Buffington, a senior analyst for the Enterprise Strategy ...Read More

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