• November 22, 2004 22 Nov'04

    Crash Course: Recovery

    What good is backing up your data if you can't get it back? The goal of this Crash Course on recovery is to make sure you can effectively and efficiently recover data no matter what iteration of the lifecycle it's in. Included here are also hints on...  Continue Reading

  • November 22, 2004 22 Nov'04

    Users divided on approach to disaster recovery

    Two companies' DR plans both leave out replication tools from EMC and Veritas, but that's where the similarities end. Where they diverge is in the hardware vs. software approach.  Continue Reading

  • November 10, 2004 10 Nov'04

    The search for cost-effective disaster recovery

    Creating an efficient DR strategy starts with determining the value of your company's applications and data. You can find the right mix of DR technologies to protect your data without breaking the bank.  Continue Reading