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Why you need a business impact analysis questionnaire

Paul Kirvan discusses the importance of using a business impact analysis questionnaire in this Expert Response.

What is a business impact analysis and why is it important?

To complete a successful disaster recovery (DR) program, perhaps the most important initial activity is to understand how the organization operates at a fairly detailed process level. A well-organized business impact analysis (BIA) questionnaire will capture this information for later use in formulating DR strategies and plans. You should formulate a series of questions to ask business unit leaders to learn more about how they operate, and how their activities contribute to the organization’s success.

The business impact analysis should elicit details about how departments operate, including:

  • dependencies (both internal and external)
  • staffing requirements
  • space requirements
  • technology requirements
  • financial impact to the organization from a loss of this business unit
  • data requirements, especially how quickly systems and critical data are needed following a disruptive event

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