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What tools do cloud disaster recovery services use to manage data?

What kinds of tools do providers of cloud disaster recovery services use to keep track of what data is where?

A lot of the cloud providers are using typical backup software. That makes it a little bit easier for companies looking to transition to cloud-based disaster recovery services, because they are already familiar with the software, which makes it much easier for IT to configure backup jobs.

This is also important because it can be challenging for organizations to switch backup software providers. Backup software stores information using a proprietary format, so switching products requires organizations to maintain the old software to access backups created on that platform. Or they must migrate older data to the new software -- which can be a time-consuming, error-prone process.

Some providers of cloud disaster recovery services are also adding in a cloud gateway device to sequentialize some of the data and optimize bandwidth. This can make it a little bit easier to get data across the wire. Riverbed SteelFusion (formerly Granite) is one example of a product like that. There are other cloud gateway tools that they can facilitate the process as well.

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