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What should SMBs look for when selecting a disaster recovery facility?

Greg Schulz discusses what SMBs should look for when selecting a disaster recovery facility in this ask the expert response.

What should SMBs look for when selecting a disaster recovery facility?
Small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) should look at several things when selecting a disaster recovery (DR) facility or service. Some of these things will be similar to large enterprises, but on a smaller scale, while others may differ. In general, look for a facility that is or will be accessible both in terms of being able to send your data and applications (network connectivity), along with being able to physically get staff members to that venue in the event of a disaster.

Location is very important when selecting a DR facility. Look for a disaster recovery service provider and site that is far enough away from your main place of business so it's not impacted by a disaster, yet close enough so people can drive to it. For example, if your facility is located next to a rail yard, busy highway, oil refinery, airport or pipeline, it could cause you trouble. Disruption to one of those venues could inhibit your ability to access and recover your data at the disaster recovery site.

Other things to keep in mind when selecting a disaster recovery facility for an SMB are its physical security, access control mechanisms in place at the facility and who from your staff will be granted access to the facility. Also, ask yourself if you need work space, and if so, make sure the facility is equipped with this.

Disaster recovery facilities that offer services such as standby power, cooling, networking, physical security and room for your equipment are must-haves, but also look into what other services they offer. SMBs can especially benefit from additional services such as assisting with putting your disaster recovery plan together, as well as testing and validating it.

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