What must happen before activating a DR plan

Find out what must happen before a DR plan is activated in this Expert Response from Paul Kirvan.

What actually happens when a DR plan is activated?

Several things need to happen before a DR plan is activated: an event occurs that threatens continued business operations; the event is identified and assessment of it and its potential for disruption occurs; the need to evacuate employees is determined; conduct situation review with senior company management to agree on next steps; and DR plan activation if declaration criteria have been met.

When the plan is activated, multiple actions will occur, e.g., staff evacuations, damage assessments of critical systems, damage assessments to buildings and their infrastructures, and notification of key management staff and company stakeholders. Once the affected area has been secured and the damage assessments have been completed, the next step is to begin recovering the damaged assets.

The DR plan is used to facilitate recovery of damaged systems and related infrastructure elements. It describes how to recover systems, applications and supporting networks; how to recover critical data from alternate locations; how to recover systems at an alternate location, such as a hot site; and how to restore and resume normal operations at the original site or at an alternate location.

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