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What is change management and how does it relate to disaster recovery?

Harvey Betan explains what change management is and how it relates to disaster recovery in this ask the expert response.

What is change management and how does it relate to disaster recovery?
Change management is one of the segments contained in the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). It addresses the need to document any and all changes to the IT environment. These changes could be functional, or simply equipment modifications. Along with change management is another segment called continuity management. Both of these directly affect disaster recovery (DR).

Disaster recovery involves having a platform ready to take on the technology required to continue the organizational operation. If changes or modifications are made to hardware, software or functionality, then modifications may have to be made to the disaster recovery plan. For example, if an organization makes the decision to standardize on Microsoft Vista for the desktop, the change has to be reflected within ITIL in the change management and continuity management areas. Then the DR plan has to be modified in order to have a seamless migration to the DR mode as needed.

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