What are some good disaster recovery strategies for email?

Harvey Betan explains different disaster recovery strategies for email in this ask the expert response.

What are some good disaster recovery strategies for email?
Since email is now an integral part of life, many people cannot comprehend not having access to their email. Therefore, it's important for people to think about and consider disaster recovery strategies for email.

The email recovery strategy you select will be dependent upon the software that manages your email. Whether it is IBM Corp.'s Lotus Notes, Microsoft Corp. or other email vendors, the overall data recovery strategy will be the same: reconnect to the server as quickly as possible so that you lose a minimal amount of messages. For some, the best way to do this is to have a service that automatically forwards mail to another location. One example of this is having an in-house data backup server at their recovery site. Another example is using a third-party vendor with email recovery as part of their overall service.

Regardless of the approach you decide to use, make sure your messages are not lost and can be forwarded or stored, until full functionality to your email is restored. Another major issue to consider is the concept of getting throughput (send and receive) restored quickly, and only then to consider restoring stored messages. Also keep in mind that email is not only the ongoing send/receive, but history as well, which requires much more time to restore.

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