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Protect your business infrastructure against lightning

Independent disaster recovery expert Paul Kirvan discusses steps you can take to protect your business infrastructure against lightning strikes.

What are some specific steps you can take to protect your business against damage/downtime from lightning strikes?

Whether your organization is in a high-rise or low-rise office building, or in a one- to two-story building in a commercial/industrial park, and regardless of whether you own the building or are a tenant, lightning protection is an essential part of your building infrastructure. It protects electrical and electronics devices from massive electrical spikes caused by lightning strikes. Such spikes have the potential to force millions of volts over your wiring infrastructure and destroy valuable electronic equipment.

Install lightning arrestors on the building roof, at least at each corner of the building, and have the wiring from the arrestors connected to a ground, so that spikes will surge down the line away from the building. On the chance that lightning strikes other parts of your building and enters your wiring infrastructure, install surge protection devices at key locations to suppress high-voltage spikes enough that they will not damage your equipment.

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