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Is it preferable to use a specialized cloud DR service?

Is it preferable to use a specialized cloud DR service, a typical cloud backup service or something like Amazon?

It really depends on what you want or need. The big question is going to be how much data is going to flow out to that cloud DR repository. You need to evaluate whether you have enough bandwidth to the Internet to be able to stream the daily supply of data out.

For many organizations, Internet connections are already under pressure. Any movement of significant data to the cloud can put additional strain on that bandwidth to the Internet. You may need a bigger pipe in order to support that traffic flow. It's important that the data flows out quickly and reliably, so you will absolutely want to look into some bandwidth testing to be sure your connection will work. If not, you'll need to do some sort of WAN optimization, data compression or data deduplication in order to get it there.

There are also issues with the initial dump of data. When you send that initial full backup of data, it might be impossible over an Internet connection. You may have to perform your initial backup to a physical device and send it to the cloud DR service provider in the mail. So, you'll need to be sure your cloud DR service provider can handle that type of request -- many can, but it's still something to consider.

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