Do DRaaS providers have an issue with cloud bandwidth?

Disaster recovery as a service providers may have to restrict cloud bandwidth during certain disaster recovery events. Find out why organizations should explore this issue before choosing a provider.

Lack of bandwidth is one of the more serious problems associated with disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). The cloud bandwidth offered by DRaaS providers is generally more than adequate for normal, day-to-day operations and the occasional DR event. However, most DRaaS providers do not have enough cloud bandwidth available to facilitate a large-scale DR operation.

This is because most DRaaS providers work under the assumption that they will never have to perform recovery operations for all their customers simultaneously. If such an event did occur, there probably would not be enough cloud bandwidth and other resources available to facilitate recovery operations for everyone.

The majority of organizations do not have direct connectivity to a DRaaS provider. Instead, they connect to a local Internet service provider (ISP) who routes traffic to a provider. Both the provider's available cloud bandwidth and the organization's own Internet bandwidth are therefore important. In many cases, local Internet bandwidth is the limiting factor impacting the speed of a DR operation.

In addition, some ISPs will begin to throttle bandwidth if they detect excessive usage. Similarly, some DRaaS providers will throttle download bandwidth once an organization has downloaded a certain amount of data. This can cause a recovery operation to start running at a decent speed, only to later slow to a snail's pace. It is therefore critical that organizations check with both their DRaaS provider and ISP regarding bandwidth throttling policies.

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