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How mobile device apps can help ease disaster recovery management

Paul Kirvan of Kirvan Associates discusses how mobile device apps are easing disaster recovery management.

How is mobile technology simplifying disaster recovery management today?

Mobile technology enables IT professionals to access their infrastructures remotely and examine how systems are performing. They can also orchestrate fixes remotely that may be needed to improve performance. Or they can contact others on their team who can analyze and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. A key concern from a disaster recovery management perspective is time -- specifically, the time it takes to fix a service problem after it's detected.

Imagine being notified of a server failure on a smartphone, launching an app to diagnose the problem, then initiating one or more fixes. The benefits of this solution include the reduction in time from detection to resolution, rapid activation of fixes, reduction in potential downtime, and real-time reporting of the incident for subsequent analysis.

Many organizations use a variety of products to constantly monitor and even analyze system performance. Some of the systems can be programmed with specific performance thresholds that send alarms and even suggested remedies when they're exceeded.

Extend those same capabilities to mobile devices, and you have a disaster recovery management tool that could save your organization a fortune in lost productivity. For example, you might be able to launch a failover of critical systems to a secondary site or to virtual images of the critical systems, then be able to fail back to the original production site when the incident has been addressed.

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